horizons – insea – Art Education Research and Development Congress

International INSEA (International Association For Education Through Art) Congress, July 17 to 20, 2007 in Heidelberg and Karlsruhe

The aim of the INSEA congress was to present new methods of teaching and learning in the framework of art education. The aim was also a discussion on how to co-ordinate questions of creativity and self-education with questions on individual and societal creation skills and with a multi-perspective generation of knowledge in a complex society. At the same time, the paradigmatic potentials for reforms in art education which reflect on the education process in general as well as the future development of colleges and universities were dealt with at the congress.

Major topics were:

  • New forms of art education / art-related teaching concepts
  • Project work in art education
  • Art education and multidisciplinarity (multidisciplinary art pedagogy / educational science)
  • Art education and the new media
  • Art education and the development at schools
  • Opening up of schools and out of school art education, social aspects of art education
  • Forms of art reception
  • Development of a personality through art

The IAA Europe was cooperation partner of the congress.

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