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Newsletter IAA-Europe, January/May 2013, nr. 1
In this newsletter:


Minutes from 9th General Assembly of IAA Europe in Istanbul
To learn more about conference Art in the Service of Freedom and General Assembly of IAA Europe 2012 (Istanbul, Turkey), please check the minutes.

Accepting Spain as a new member
We are pleased to announce that Spanish artistic association UUAV - Union of Visual Artist’s Associations, was accepted as the full member of IAA Europe and entered the organization as the National Committee this year. To learn more about organization check Spanish NC starts now with providing IAA cards and negotiates with Prado museum to accept this card and allow its holders free entry. Welcome in IAA dear colleagues from Spain.

World Art Day 2013
This year celebrations of World Art Day (April 15) were held in several countries (Cyprus, France, Latvia, Mexico, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey). For more information check links: Turkish WAD, Slovak WAD and Facebook WAD fan page. If you have news from another countries please inform us via

Conference and 10th General Assembly of IAA Europe 2013
On behalf of Norwegian Visual Artists Association and IAA Europe Office we invite National Committees of IAA Europe office to Conference and the 10th General Assembly of IAA Europe which will be held on October 4 – 5 (Friday-Saturday) 2013 in Oslo, Norway. The preliminary title of the conference is 'Artists economy, market or state support?' Please note that the National Committees need to cover the costs for travel and accommodation for the delegates themselves. Information about the schedule of event, precise date and place we will send you at the end of May.

Current situation in finances
Untill now 13 National Committees have paid their fee for 2013. We are also still collecting fees for 2012 and 2011 (until now 19 National Committees have paid for 2011 and 20 for 2012) and we are still collecting for the period 2006-2010.

Please contact the Treasurer's Office to pass the address and number of members of your national committee, through if you have not done that untill now. Thank you!

You can still pay your fees for 2013. If you cannot pay, please contact the treasurer, Rob den Boer, through the same email-address as mentioned above.

IAA-Europe boardmeeting
The Executive Committee of IAA Europe is going to meet in full assembly in Berlin this weekend (May 10-12, 2013) to discuss current issues of IAA Europe.