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Newsletter IAA-Europe, August/September 2012, nr. 2
In this newsletter:


General Assembly of IAA Europe in Istanbul
Please check agenda and materials concerning Congress Art in the Service of Freedom and 9th General Assembly in Istanbul. Please send completed registration form and book your accommodation as soon as possible. Please find all information about the GA in Istanbul here.

At the beginning of August the following countries confirmed their partici-pation: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, France, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

Online Executive Committee IAA Europe meetings
For more effective communication with Executive Committee members, regular Skype meetings are organized since April. Every first Thursday in month from 10 – 12 we 'meet' on Skype and discuss urgent issues. We replaced personal EC meetings with this way of communication to save money, time and energy for other IAA Europe projects.

Current situation in finances
Untill now 12 National Committees have paid their fee for 2012. Besides that, for 2012 just 25 of all 43 National Committees of Europe could be invoiced because data like number of members (necessary for calculating the height of fee) and/or addresses are not known by IAA-Europe. We are also still collecting fees for 2011 (just 15 National Committees have paid for 2011 untill now) and we are still collecting for the period 2006-2010.

Please contact the Treasurer's Office to pass the address and number of members of your national committee, through if you have not done that untill now. Thank you!

You can still pay your fees for 2012. If you cannot pay, please contact the treasurer, Rob den Boer, through the same email-address as mentioned above.

New WAD reports
We are still collecting the reports on World Art Day (April 15) from National Committees for evaluation at the General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey in October 2012. Read here the new reports of Turkish and Swedish National Committee.

News about institutions accepting IAA card in Germany
Enjoy your summer with IAA card – travel and visit galleries for free or with discount on entrance fees – check here new list of institutions accepting IAA card in Germany.

The meeting of the international jury of experts of the 8th Biennial of Drawing Pilsen (IAA Europe is one of the founders of this Biennial) took place in Pilsen between July 9 and July 13, 2012. As expected, the participation of artists at the event was again very high, and a large number of drawings were submitted from countries from all around the world. The seven-member international jury (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Turkey) with two members of IAA Europe (President of IAA Europe Pavol Kral and President of BBK and IGBK Werner Schaub) was chaired by the elected president Mr. Werner Schaub.

After careful consideration the panel chose drawings for the exhibition and decided who would be awarded the Grand Prix, the prize of President of the Pilsen Region, the Prize of the Lord Mayor of Pilsen, the Prize of IAA Europe, The prize of the Hungarian Association of Graphic Artists, the Prize of the Union of Visual Artists of the Czech republic, the Prize of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts. The best drawings were nominated for a 'short list' - which stands for a certificate of the highest quality. For this year's Biennial competition there were a total of 437 participating artists from 38 countries worldwide, who submitted 1603 drawings. Most of the artists’ drawings were from European countries. However, according to Biennial tradition, artists from other parts of the world also submitted their works, the furthest from Australia.

After a highly demanding and careful selection process, 138 drawings by 112 authors from 30 countries were chosen. These drawings will be on public display between October 3 and November 18, 2012 in The Museum of West Bohemia and in the J. Trnka Gallery. According to tradition, the exhibition will be accompanied by several interesting programs. For more information go to: Last but not least, it is necessary to stress that the International Biennial of Drawing Plzen is a unique competition without parallel internationally, which during the course of its existence has gained great acclaim not only in Plzen and the Czech Republic but also throughout Europe.

There will be also other side events held in time of Biennial opening such as symposium Pilsen – Space for Drawing, exhibition of drawings Figurama, discussion on Situation of art and artist in in today's world (with opening speech by President of IAA Europe Pavol Kral).

German NC IGBK Experts' Workshop 'Are Artists Rich?' / Parliamentary Evening in Kehl, November 21, 2012
The workshop can be seen as a follow-up of several meetings they organized in recent years on the economic and social conditions of artistic work and artists’ mobility in Europe. The general subject in Kehl will focus on the value and the specific economy of artistic work in Europe and on the question of contemporary and sustainable art and cultural funding: What is the political, social and economic framework of artistic work today? What are modern societies willing and able to invest to guarantee the needed freedom of the arts? How does and should this investment look like nowadays?

The reason why the event will take place in Kehl is the session of the European Parliament during this week of November. After the workshop a parliamentary evening with Members of the Parliament is planned. This will give the possibility to present the results, to address urgent issues and to initiate a dialog between artists and European decision-makers.

Exhibition exchange between three National Committees of IAA Europe
International exhibition exchange started in October 2010 with exhibition of Lithuanian contemporary art in Bratislava Slovakia now continues by second phase of triple exchange – Latvian artists from Artists Union of Latvia exhibit contemporary Latvian Sculptures in Bratislava Slovakia with their project Direct Casting. Slovak sculptors and jewelers from Slovak Union of Visual Arts are going to present their artworks in Vilnius, Lithuania in September and in Riga, Latvia in November.