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Newsletter IAA-Europe, May/June 2012, nr. 1
In this newsletter:


World Art Day 2012
At the 15th of April 2012 the first World Art Day was held to emphasize the meaning of art and artists in society. We are collecting the reports of the national committees fore evaluation at the General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey in October 2012. Read here the report of the Slovakian National Committee.

General Assembly in Berlin 2011
October 28 – 30 2011 IAA Europe held its 8th General Assembly where new Executive Committee was elected. For more information about discussed topics, resolutions and plans see completed version of minutes and the summary. This event was co-organized by German National Committee IGBK which also presented project Artists in Transit during two days symposium.

Project Democracy in Art (by Alex Meszmer)
About a year ago Pfyn, a small village (2000 inhabitants) about 40km outside Zurich, declared itself the cultural capital of Switzerland 2011-12. For Switzerland does not have a 'cultural minister', the swiss artists created in 2004/05 their own cultural ministry and elected their own cultural ministers to lobby politically for the cultural sector. Writer Dominik Riedo, the 2nd cultural minister first declared his hometown, Romoos (745 inhabitants) cultural capital of Switzerland to launch a discussion about urban and provincial culture. For the 3rd cultural minister did not want to take this project further, artists Alex Meszmer and Reto Mueller applied to gain the title for Pfyn, where they are running a digital archive and a Transitory Museum. Read More: and

The heart of the cultural capital program are the 'democratic art weeks: Ten artists and artist groups from Egypt, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, UK and Switzerland were invited to Pfyn to create participatory art projects with the inhabitants of Pfyn: Fatma Hendawy Yehia, Alexandria, Egypt started to build a library/archive of Pfyn in cooperation with the protestant church, Eva Paulitsch & Uta Weyrich, Stuttgart, Germany were collecting mobile phone videos of the youth and composed a video screening. Stefano W. Pasquini, Bologna, Italy wants to apologize for the invasion of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago to Pfyn and Switzerland, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre brought together Ambassadors from Tulse Hill, South London and Pfyn and is currently running a South London Embassy in Pfyn, to bring multicultural life into the small swiss village. Read more: and

And there is more to be found in Pfyn this summer: a temporary amphitheatre with cinema, kidstheatre, poetry slam and more; in July (6.-8.7.) Pfyn will celebrate itself with a big party - expo ad fines, organized by the clubs an association and the trade; there will be a travelling column and and and... and

Biennial of Drawing Pilsen Reminder
BIENNIAL OF DRAWING PILSEN ALREADY ACCEPTS WORKS IN THIS YEAR'S BIENNIAL OF DRAWING 2012. Deadline is 31 May 2012. Just to remind, they accept maximum of 5 monochrome drawings, maximum dimension 100 x 70 cm created after 2007. All information, contacts and application forms are on website Biennial team will be happy to answer any question on e-mail On request we can send application form by e-mail. Biennial team is looking forward to seeing you at Biennial 2012.

Information about IAA card (link to guide)
Learn more about opportunity to visit galleries all over Europe for reduced price or for free with IAA card! Information how to produce, implement and use your card. To get your card, contact IAA Europe National Committee in your country.

New on the website: A Study of International Artist Representation
Presented by Artists’ Interaction and Representation (AIR) and Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC). Written by April Britski, December 2011. Read the study by clicking here.